Hello there.

Hey there! My name is Dave Depper. I’m a musician in Portland, Oregon.

Big news: I now play guitar for Death Cab for Cutie! I couldn’t be more thrilled to be playing this music with such a lovely group of people. We’ll be touring the world in 2015 in support of the band’s fantastic new record, Kintsugi.

Before that, I played guitar and keyboards for Grammy-award winning singer/songwriter and swell fellow Ray LaMontagne.

I’ve toured, played live, or recorded with lots of other folks… perhaps we should take a stroll over to the People I’ve Played With page?

When I’m not doing that, I compose and record original, licensable music. Examples of this, including a demo reel, can be found on the Composition page.

One time I re-recorded Paul McCartney’s Ram all by myself; more about this at the Ram Project page.

I’m currently working on my first solo record of original music. More on that to come.